Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I register for events?

Start by clicking on “Account Sign Up”. Once you've created a new account, you will be able to register for events. Each time you visit the Upcoming Programs section, simply click on "Sign In" to get started.

2. There is an error message when I attempt to Sign Up.

Typically the error message will be specifying a required field has not been filled in. Please ensure all fields are completed.

3. How do I register my spouse or child for events?

Each member of your family that wishes to register for events and programs needs to be added to your Family Account. A Family Account has a Main Profile, then a Spouse Profile and/or a Child Profile or Profiles.

4. How do I register for childcare?

First, make sure your child or children are added to your Family Account. Programs that offer childcare services will automatically ask you if you require childcare during the registration process. (NOTE: If your child/children are not in your family account, the registration process will skip over the childcare registration process.)

5. I have signed up, but I still cannot Sign In.

If you have your login and password, but still cannot Sign In then you may need to reset your password or contact us for further assistance.

6. Do I have to register multiple times for an ongoing event?

No. Simply sign-up once and your registration will remain active unless we notify you otherwise.

7. Can I cancel my registration for an event after I've registered?

Yes. Often you can cancel your registration in an event yourself by clicking on “My Registrations” after you Sign In. From here you can see all of your family's registrations and can click on Cancel for the specific event and family member. An automatic email will be sent to FSCA notifying them of your cancellation request. Once your cancellation is confirmed by FSCA staff, it will automatically be removed from your “My Registrations” list.

8. Can I edit my Family Account details?

Yes. First Sign In, then click on the “My Registrations” link at the top left. From here you'll see an option to View / Edit My Profile

9. Should I logout after every visit?

Yes. Logging out helps to protect your personal information and ensures no one alters your account.

10. Is my personal information secure?

Yes. All your information is safely stored in Canada on secure servers. We take your privacy seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for more info.

If the answer to your question cannot be found above please call or email FSCA for more assistance: 403-343-6400 or . We're happy to help!